Cultural Arts

Cultural Arts at Stanton

For years, cultural arts has been engraved into Stanton’s identity. With the ideal of “Academics + Arts = Excellence”, Stanton has formed countless partnerships to support a well rounded education.

Cultural Arts Staff

Helene Furlong

Helene Furlong is Stanton’s full-time music teacher and cultural arts coordinator. With her dedicated coordination Ms. Furlong has completely taken on Stanton’s wide range of cultural arts partnerships. Ms. Furlong interacts with students K-8 on a daily basis, providing music and arts instruction. Ms. Furlong also coordinates Arts programming, performances, meetings and other essential aspects of Stanton’s cultural arts programming. On top of her daily job responsibilities she also supports a Stanton Choir, allowing students to delve deeper into vocal performance.

Richard Jones

Richard Jones is Stanton’s Violin and Strings teacher. Mr. Jones runs classes on Mondays and Wednesdays in Stanton’s instrument room, and works with teachers and students to schedule lessons throughout the school day while not taking away from essential instructional time.Stanton is lucky enough to have a collection of violins supported through the Bainbridge House that allows students to participate even if they are unable to purchase an instrument.

Cultural Arts Partnerships

The Bainbridge House

Since 1996 this faith-based neighborhood organization has raised funds for Stanton’s Cultural Arts program – including artists salaries, art supplies, equipment and instrument purchases and repairs, costumes, art scholarships, fees when parents cannot afford them, and refreshments at school performances. They also run a mentor-ship program.

The University of the Arts

Stanton has been lucky enough to also have the opportunity to send students to the University of the Arts for Saturday Arts Programming for two semesters of Art Classes ranging from grades 1-8. Classes that at one time were priced at $165, are reduced through scholarship to $25 by the University of the Arts. The Bainbridge house provides an additional $10 for each student so that parents are only required to pay $15 for 10 weeks of Art Classes at the University.

The Clay Studio

The Clay Studio works with our 6th grade classroom in clay sculpture. Matched with teacher instruction, students work with the Clay Studio to learn about artists and clay manipulation. On a weekly basis the Clay Studio provides supplies and instruction for students

Artists in Residence

Percussion Artist in Residence – Nana Korantemaa

Since 2004 the Percussion Artist-In-Residence has taught a Master Drumming Class each week for 25 to 30 students in grades 4 to 8. Students learn polyrhythms and gain skill and knowledge of the African Djembe drum and other percussion instruments. Singing is also included. Students learn that beautiful rhythms are created through hard work, concentration and listening to one another. They come to know the value of the drum in world cultures. They perform for audiences inside and outside the school.

Dance Artist in Residence – Carla Washington

Since 2004 the Dance Artist-In-Residence has worked weekly with students in grades 4 to 8 on a variety of movement pieces and rhythms that relate to the cultures studied in the Cultural Arts Program. Stanton’s Dance Company students have performed at the All-City & Regional Dance Festivals, the Prince Music Theater, the Clef Club and the University of Pennsylvania, and The Academy at Palumbo HS. Ms. Carla works with the Cultural Arts Program to plan and perform for a Dec., Feb-Black History and culminating spring performance by the students for the entire school and members of the community. Parent/student workshops are conducted with our Drumming Circle students.